A Healthy Cat is a Happy One

Characteristics of a healthy kitten/cat

  • Eyes: Should be bright and clear and the pupils the same size as each other and the “whites” should be white, with no evidence of yellowing or redness.
  • Ears: Should be clean and although normally, a cat's ears may show a small amount of wax, there should be no foul odour or visible pus. Untreated ear problems such as ear mites, are painful and can cause hearing loss. Any indication of sores, scabs, or "crusty" appearance should be reported to a vet.
  • Nose: A cat´s nose is often dry, but should not be cracked It should be free of mucous, and not "runny." Although a cat may sometimes sneeze because of allergies or dust, continuous, severe sneezing, sometimes accompanied by gagging should be reported to a veterinary surgeon.
  • Mouth and teeth: A healthy cat's gums should be a pale pink colour, and the teeth should be clean and the breath normal. Teeth should be free of tartar or plaque and this can be controlled by brushing. Bad breath could indicate a health problem
  • Coat: Cats are meticulous groomers and usually keep their coats clean, shiny and soft to the touch, without clumps or mats. Different breeds of cats have different types of hair coats. Cats shed hair naturally year round, although the rate of shedding depends on climate, nutrition, and general overall health. Increased shedding or bald patches need veterinary attention. Dull fur, or dry and flaky skin, could indicate poor nutrition or illness.
  • Appetite and weight: Healthy cats should always have a good appetite should maintain a healthy weight for its age and size. It's common for cats to put on weight as they get older and become less active, and this should be managed through your diet and increased play-time. There can be a temporary loss of appetite , but if this persists for more than a day, it should be reported to a vet.

Any abnormality in the above or prolonged diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting or abnormal urination, discharge, or inflammation, should be reported to a veterinary surgeon. He will also advise you on your cat's nutritional needs and maintaining your cat's healthy weight.

Vets in the Axarquia

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Reporting Abuse

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