Kennel Angels - Making a Difference

As an animal rescue charity, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the prospects of finding forever homes for our rescued dogs. Many of these dogs turn out to be wonderful, loving and loyal pets despite the trauma they have gone through. Foster homes provide a great opportunity to help a dog to grow in confidence and build trust, but sometimes there aren't enough foster homes to go around. The dogs then have to be put into private kennels until a foster home can be found. This can take weeks or months, and although these souls are fed, given treatment and cared for, it is impossible for them to get the same level of stimulation they would in a loving home.

Many of the dogs have not had the luxury of a loving home life, some have been physically abused or starved and the majority have the additional mental scarring of being dumped or abandoned. The purpose of a Kennel Angel is to start the process of socialising or re-socialising the kennel dogs, helping them to overcome their fears and to have some fun.

Being a volunteer Kennel Angel is totally flexible, each one putting in the time and effort that is convenient for them. It involves initially visiting the kennels and meeting the dogs, getting to know them and gaining their trust. This may be once a week, or more if time permits.

Socialising plays an important part in preparing the dogs for a foster or forever home. Kennel Angels work with one or more of the dogs and provide opportunities for them to experience different situations such as:

  • walking on a lead
  • visiting markets or cafe's
  • going on short car journeys (sometimes to the vets)
  • or simply sitting, talking to and spending time with the animals.
Obviously, giving treats or rewards is an important part!

It is, of course, useful to have experience of dogs, but most importantly to love them. It is an ideal opportunity for people who can't commit to fostering or adoption to interact with a dog or dogs, and becomes therapeutic to both parties. This rewarding opportunity is open to residents or non-residents who may spend several weeks or months in Spain. Kennels are based in Puente Don Manuel and Riogordo, and anyone within travelling distance who is interested can find out more by contacting us.

Read what one of our Kennel Angels says ....

We’ve found being a Kennel Angel the most rewarding part of volunteering for AAR. From spending time with these animals we have learnt a lot about dog behaviour and how some love really can change the lives of dogs that haven´t had a good start in life. You can see how they build confidence within themselves and with people through working and training with you. The improvements come day by day. It really is simple…..spending a very short amount of time with a dog can change its life. For us it is also the best therapy we can get. We receive more from them than we ever expected. When we arrive at the kennel we see them waiting for us; their eager faces, so excited to see us. It´s so difficult to describe the impact it has on you but it´s such a wonderful feeling. One question that is always in my mind: why are they here in kennels? They are adorable and ask for very little while they wait to find their forever home. Our role is to provide them with someone to play with, remind them that humans are kind and maybe provide some basic training. So, when their new family does come along, we’ve given them the best possible chance of a fitting into a happy home life. Please, if you have some spare time, love dogs, the country, the sun and the clean air… join us as an AAR Kennel Angel. We´re sure you will enjoy and learn more than you think!

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